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A Monster High Theme Party That Will Impress

A monster high theme party. It sounds a bit of a weird party theme doesn’t it.  I get it, it’s not your normal ‘go to party theme’, BUT this could be the party theme that is going to give your little girl that shriek of excitement for her birthday this year.Monster High Theme PartyTypically, as girls get older they are looking more and more to party themes that are funky and hip.

But despite this, you secretly still see them playing with their dolls and enjoying being …well…young!

They might not like to admit it, but they are still kids and that’s ok.  But how often do you hear that cry?  “I’m not a baby any more mommy”.

In our eyes, our little girls will always be our babies won’t they.  It doesn’t matter whether they are 3 or 13.  However in their eyes, once they reach the grand old age of …well….let’s face it….4, they are grown up.

Oh the dilemma!

Monster high table

If this is sounding oh so familiar to you, then a Monster High themed birthday party is just what you need.


Monster High dolls are not your typical fashion dolls and no “little girl” would be playing with them.  They make a great safe bet for the girls who ‘think’ they are old, whist at the same time, still allowing them to enjoy childhood themes.

Sounds like a winner right?

Monster High birthday cake

This Monster high birthday party was submitted by Patricia of Sweet Par-t and I can guarantee that you are going to love it.

Patricia said about the party planning: “A surprise party was set at the backyard for Jade to celebrate her 8th birthday with her favorite doll on the table: Lagoona Blue!”

I’m sure this was one surprise birthday that will be remembered for a long long time!

Monster high doll

Of course deciding on what theme to actually is just one part of the puzzle, but then you have to work out how to put it all together.

I can totally understand if you have a hundred and one Monster High party ideas running around in your head, but having no idea of what to actually do with them.

The simplest way is to break it down and start by getting the small details sorted.  You will generally find that from there everything else just seems to fall into place.

Use Bold Colors To Get The Monster High Theme Party Vibe

Choose the primary colors of hot pink, black and blue, to really make the decorations explode. This party is typical of how some very carefully chosen decorations mixed with some gorgeous desserts makes a party table that will certainly make heads turn.

Do you want to hear a mix of Oh’s and Ah’s as the girls enter the party?  This will surely do the trick. It’s a mix of grown up girl vibe come super sweet party table.

Monster high cake

I absolutely LOVE the little coffins and the additional decoration on the water bottles.

Monster high bat cake pops

Monster High coffins

Monster High decorated box

Monster High popcorn cones

Chocolate mousse

Monster High water bottles

Monster high water bottle

Monster high balloon

Birthday balloons

Monster high balloon tower

So for those of you that still have ‘little girls’, but they want a ‘grown up party’, a Monster high theme party will cater to both yours and their needs perfectly.

Psst…it will be our little secret.Monster High Birthday Party FBNeed some more inspiration to put your party together? Check out these Monster High party supplies that I have sourced for you (Affiliate links)

Vendors & Credits:

Sweet treats & party styling: Sweet Par-t

Balloons and fabric panel, furniture, decorated riser boxes: Fantasia Kids Party Decoration


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