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7 Easy Halloween Cupcakes

I love collecting easy to replicate ideas here at Smart Party Planning, and today I have a selection of easy to make Halloween cupcakes.   With Halloween literally just around the corner, you will love these ideas.  All these cupcakes are easy to make with the kids.  So get into the kitchen and enjoy some creative excitement with the little ones.  With so many ideas to choose from, the question will be which one will you make. Maybe you even have time to make them all!

7 Easy Halloween Cupcakes

Let’s kick of the week by looking at these ghost cupcakes by Smart Pants Mama. Have you ever seen ghosts look so damn cute?  These may look a little tricky to make, but guess what?  They are super easy!!  Pop over to the blog to find the recipe….then you will have yourself a ghost parade before you know it.

Ghost Cupcakes

You can’t have a selection of Halloween cupcakes without including some mummy’s!!  Check out these cupcakes by Ambrosia.  The messier the bandages look the better.  You can’t go wrong with these!

Mummy cupcakes

If you are going to make monster cupcakes, you might as well make them stinking cute!  These ones by My Little Mochi are a perfect example.  They just ooze deliciousness and I love the little monster teeth!

Monster Cupcake

Ah…..Frankenstein has to feature in a line up of Halloween cupcakes doesn’t he.  Well I think you will agree that these Frankenstine cupcakes by Your Cup of Cake are simply adorable.  I know the little scar on his face is supposed to be scary, but I think it is just incredibly cute!  These cupcakes just make you smile.

Frankenstein Cupcake

I absolutely HATE spiders.  There is something about their legs!  Whilst I love these spider cupcakes by Damn Delicious I’m not sure I would eat them….lol.  They look too spiderish!!!!  How incredibly effective do they look.  I can just imagine a table of them….would you be game enough to pick one up?

Spider Cupcakes

Of course if we are going to include spiders in this selection then we really should include their spider web.  I love these spider web cupcakes by Little Birdie Secrets.  The web looks pretty complicated to make, but is a lot easier than you may think.  Check out the tutorial so you can weave your own web.

Spider Web Cupcake

Finally, I had to include some witches hats in our line up of Halloween cupcakes.  I love these ones by Lindsay Ann Bakes, that also include a cheeky broom.  Think they are hard to make?  Think again!  For an easy step by step tutorial, you should check out the blog.

Witch Hat Cupcake

What do you think of this selection of Halloween cupcakes?  Did you have a favourite?  What cupcakes will you be making this year?

Try some of these party supplies to help with your cupcake preparation…..

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Thanks for reading and enjoy your Halloween cooking!!


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  1. Simply Suzannes at Home October 3, 2014 at 11:00 pm #

    Hi Catherine!
    These are adorable :0) I showed them to my kids and they want to make all of them, lol!
    My favorite is that Frankenstein! He is adorable!!
    Thanks for sharing so many great ideas.
    Have a great weekend,

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