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6 Wonderful Snowman Craft Ideas

Christmas is a great time of year to get busy with some snowman craft.  Having grown up in the UK, it always feels strange that I now celebrate Christmas in summer.  Whilst I love summer, Christmas just never quite feels the same somehow.  If I could wake up to a winter wonderland I would be one happy girl!

However, whilst I live in Australia, that is not likely to happen, so for now I will just have to enjoy snowman craft instead.  Today I have rounded up a collection that of crafts that you can make with the kids.  Let’s face it, the kids love gluing, cutting and sticking, so if they are entertained, then everyone is happy.

All of these snowman crafts are easy to make and look super cute too.  Head on over to each of the posts in turn to check out the full tutorial.

Snowman Craft

So let’s get the week started shall we with this awesome lantern snowman by A Little Delightful.  I love how easy this is to make and doesn’t he look pretty awesome!  This snowman would be a great feature, and you could even make a little army of them.

Lantern Snowman Craft

For something really easy and fun for the kids, why not try a stick snowman craft.  This cheeky snowman by Serving Pink Lemonade is certainly a craft that the kids will enjoy.  Painting, glueing and sticking, what more could kids want!

Frosty Snowman Popstick

How adorable is this little snowman from Crafts Unleashed.  He is made totally out of card and has a bucket load of personality.  He looks incredibly festive don’t you think?

Cardboard Snowman

If you want to make some snowmen with the kids, why not give these sock snowmen by Darkroom and Dearly a try.  I’m not sure what is cuter….making the snowmen or dressing them!

Sock Snowman craft

There had to be a toilet roll snowman craft included in this lineup.  These snowmen by Crafts by Courtney are simply gorgeous.  With a bit of imagination, you could make a whole crew of snowmen with different personalities.

Toilet roll Snowman craft

Of course we can’t look past paper plate snowmen either can we.  These adorable snowmen by Artsy Craftsy Mom are the perfect craft to make with the little ones.

Paper plate snowman craft

What do you think of the selection?  Are you going to be making any of these with your kids?  Which one is jumping out at you?  Please share your thoughts below.

If you have enjoyed these snowman craft ideas, please SHARE and PIN them so that other’s can enjoy them too.

If you would like some extra help to set up the Snowman scene in your home, check out the supplies below…..

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