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The Ultimate Shocking Zombie Food You Need For Halloween

The zombie stumbles around the corner, teeth gnashing and ready to lunge the nearest person ready it see’s. It’s hardly the television watching of a relaxing evening, but somehow we are all drawn to these zombie shows and simply can’t get enough of them.

In real life, the last thing that would entertain is a zombie apocalypse, but seeing it happen to characters we know and love on the television keeps us coming back for more…and more.

With everyone hanging out for the next series of the Walking Dead to start, it seems that zombie fever has returned once again.

You are therefore onto a pretty safe bet, that holding a Halloween party with zombie food is going to be a real winner.

With this shocking selection of zombie recipes, you can really go to town with setting up that apocalypse right in your own home.Zombie Food Ideas

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 6 Zombie Food Recipes To Shock Your Guests

We will start the week not with zombie recipes, but with an entire zombie party.  The party by Sunny By Design is actually totally gorgeous!

These brain cupcakes caught my eye, but you really should check out the entire party table.  Whilst the food is ‘creepy’, it all looks totally edible, so you have plenty of ideas to gather up here.

zombie brain cupcakes

I love ideas that are simple and easy to replicate and that is certainly the case of this zombie food candy by The Decorated Cookie.

They have to be the cutest zombie heads that I have ever seen though!  Make them with the kids and I am sure they would have a ball.

Zombie Marshmallows

I’m not quite sure what I think of these zombie brains by Happy Hour Projects. On first look you just think ewww, but then when you read the recipe it sounds delicious.

Maybe this is one of those zombie appetizers that you eat with your eyes shut?

Zombie brains

If you are looking for some zombie recipes that is really going to make your stomach crawl then you have to have some intestines!  How creepy are these edible intestines by Wannabite.

It’s not exactly pretty on the plate is it.  Whilst the ingredients in the actual recipe sound delicious, it might take a while for your guests to dig into this one!


Who is up for a zombie ear necklace?  This idea by Kitchen Overlord is easy to make. It would taste totally yummy and looks….well….gross…lol.  It’s the perfect recipe to make for Halloween.


So, we have had brain cupcakes, and brain dip, and now I have some jello brain to share with you. What is your first impression of this jello brain by Valerie Maeling?

Would you be game enough to eat it?  Even though you know it’s jello….would you be tempted?

Jello brain

If it’s a zombie apocalypse you are looking to recreate in your home, then this selection of zombie food ideas should certainly do the trick.

They will certainly help keep your guests happy and may even help cure some people from the zombie fever.Ultimate Zombie Food

Would you like a helping hand to create your own zombie food? Check out these supplies I have sourced for you (affiliate links)

Enjoy your Halloween celebrations!


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2 Responses to The Ultimate Shocking Zombie Food You Need For Halloween

  1. Jennifer Abel October 17, 2014 at 6:02 pm #

    Talk about looking awesome. It is amazing the foods that are made for Halloween. Good ideas to make for the special day.

    • Catherine Holt October 17, 2014 at 7:20 pm #

      I know Jennifer, some people are just incredibly creative! You would have to take a second look before eating some of these though I think…lol

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