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How To Make 19 Cheap And Easy Patriotic Decorations

How to make 19 cheap and easy Patriotic decorations. These DIY decorations are perfect for an indoor or outdoor party and can be easily made by the kids.

They are perfect for your 4th July celebrations.How to make 19 cheap and easy Patriotic decorations. These DIY decorations are perfect for an indoor or outdoor party and can be easily made by the kids. They are perfect for your 4th July celebrations.With such a busy time of year, the thing you need is EASY Patriotic decorations.  Not just easy, but CHEAP AND EASY.

The last thing you want to be doing is spending a lot of money decorating, when you still have the catering to think about.

Each of these DIY 4th of July decorations are so easy to make that you can leave the kids to it, meaning you have more time to prepare all the other 100 and one things.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it!

Easy Patriotic Decorations You Are Going To Love

1. Printable 4th July Decoration Kit.

Firstly, if you intend on having a party, you will need invitations, but you might as well grab an entire printable party kit.

Patriotic Printable Set

2. Patriotic pillows

For the ultimate lounging around experience over the 4th July, you are going to need some patriotic pillows.

They will be the perfect decoration accompaniment and they are seriously a lot easier to make than you might think.

DIY Patriotic Pillows

3. 4th July Door Printable.

This is the perfect way to greet your guests and I love this printable by Today’s Creative Life.  It’s gorgeous and would really set the tone of the party.

4th July Door Printable

4. Painted Patriotic Lawn Stars

Ok, I think you will have to agree with me on this one, but this has to be the easiest decoration you are going to undertake for the 4th July.

This is something that everyone can undertake simply by using some cardboard and some construction marking spray paint.

Check out the Country Cottage to see how amazing it looks and to answer all your burning questions such as “will this kill my lawn?”

Fourth of July Painted Lawn

5. 4th July Paper Stars

These paper stars by Lea Griffith are absolutely adorable.  With a fantastic tutorial to follow, this will keep the kids busy in the lead up to the celebrations.

4th July Paper Star Decorations

6. Paper Chains

Paper chains are one of the easiest decorations you can create and with a free printable from Love The Day, that decoration just even got easier!

4th July Paper Chains

7. Tissue Paper Garland

You can’t go too far wrong in decorating then with a tissue paper garland.  Tissue paper is so cheap, so you can really go to town with this decoration.

Landeelu shows you how easy and beautiful this can be.

Tissue paper garland

8. Plastic Tablecloth Garland

I love this garland by Fun Home Things.

Simply by purchasing some cheap plastic tablecloths, you can create a decoration that is going to withstand the weather and provide a whole pop of color.

Plastic tablecloth garland

9. Tissue Paper Fireworks

Another way to add an easy splash of color is by using tissue paper to make pom poms, and these tissue paper fireworks by Hey Lets Make Stuff is perfect for the occasion.

10. Patriotic Wind Catchers

These wind catchers by Multiples and More are so easy to make simply with the use of plastic table cloths, fishing and florist wire.

Having several of these placed around the garden would look amazing.

Tablecloth wind catchers

11. Tin Can Windsock

Another great idea is to make a tin can windsock like these ones by Craft & Magee. The kids would have a blast using the spray paint to make them.

Patriotic Tin Can Windsock

12. 4th July Firecracker Centerpiece

Chicken Scratch has the perfect centerpiece for you which is going to be a real show stopper.

4th July Firecracker Centerpiece

13. American flag Wood Pallet

I adore this American wood pallet by Alex Haralson. It might take a while to complete, but the end result is sensational.

Pallet wood American Flag

14. Upcycled Can Flower Pots

I love upcycled projects and these flower pots by Mom 4 Real are simply gorgeous.

With a little help from some multi surface paint, your cans can look like this too!

Patriotic Upcycled Can Flower Pots

15. American Flag Holders.

An awesome use of simple mason jars is to make American flag holders.

It All Started With Paint shows you how these can be made easily with just a few mason jars and craft store acrylic paint.

16. 4th of July Mason Candle Jars

Ohh, I am absolutely loving these mason jar candles by This Grandma Is Fun.  It’s just another example of how you really don’t need expensive fancy decorations to make something look simply “WOW”.

Choose some nice mason jars and this decoration is going to look amazing.

Simple, easy and cheap.  It’s definitely the way to go.

4th of July Mason Jar Candles

17. American Flag Backdrop.

What’s more adorable than a sweet photo of your kids on 4th July?  A sweet photo of your kids in front of a delightful American flag backdrop!

Laughing Latte have the perfect one for you and I think you’ll agree….it’s gorgeous.

The good news?  You don’t even need to know how to sew to be able to make it.  Now that’s my kind of craft!

DIY Fourth July Flag

18. 4th July Photo Booth Printable’s

Would you love some photo booth printable’s to go with that backdrop?  You can grab this awesome set from I Heart Naptime.

Fourth of July Photo Props

19. Confetti Launchers

Another great way to keep the kids entertained is with these confetti launchers by Piikea Street.

Simply use toilet paper rolls, 12″ balloons, and red, white and blue paper.

Confetti launchers

The question I would love to know now, is which of these easy to make Patriotic decorations are you going to try?

Or perhaps you are going to make the whole lot and really make it a celebration to remember.

I would love to hear your thoughts below.How to make 19 cheap and easy Patriotic decorations. These DIY decorations are perfect for an indoor or outdoor party and can be easily made by the kids. They are perfect for your 4th July celebrations.

Love the selection of easy Patriotic decorations?  

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