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17 Easy Halloween Costumes

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With only three weeks to go until Halloween you may be looking for some easy minute Halloween costumes.  Perhaps you are doing some trick or treating with the kids or maybe you are attending a Halloween party.  Well today I have you covered because I have collected 17 awesome costumes for you and your family this Halloween.

Whether you have a baby, a child or just looking for something for yourself, I have you covered. You don’t need to waste lots of time searching for that perfect costume as I have some great ones collected together for you to choose from.  They can all be purchased online which makes your shopping even easier!

17 Easy Halloween Costumes


The little ones always look incredibly adorable dressed up, and just because Halloween is “spooky”, it doesn’t mean that the little one’s have to be.  Check out this collection!

Could you imagine your little one dressed up in this Unisex Monster Costume?  Talk about cute and cuddly.  This little munchkin would steal the hearts of party goers or trick or treaters.

Infant Unizex Moster Costume

Looking for something with a bit more Halloween oomph??  How about a unisex bat costume. These little bat wings would melt the heart…and check out that little bow tie!  How incredibly adorable!!

Unisex Bat Costume

For another cute and cuddly infant option, a spider costume could be just the thing you are looking for.  With those creepy little legs, this has to be the most adorable spider you have ever seen.  Would you agree?

Infant Spider Costumes

We cant have a selection of easy Halloween costumes without including Frankenstein into the mix. This Frankenstein costume is the ultimate of cuteness don’t you think?

Frankenstein Costume

Now ordinarily vampires would make you shudder, but not those that would be wearing this awesome Vampire costume.  This is a toddler dressed for Halloween with style!

Infant Vampire Suit


The bigger kids are not forgotten in this selection, and I have rounded up some super cute costumes to choose from for both the girls and the boys.  These costumes would be perfect for the trick or treaters.

For starters check out this storybook witches costume.  This costume is surely going to put a smile on any young girls face.

Storybook Witches Costume

For something a bit more spooky check out this vampire girl costume.  No-one would be messing with her on her trick or treating!!

Vampire Girl

Ok, so this costume is not strictly Halloween, but it made me chuckle so I had to include it here. This kids alien costume is so funky.  Can you imagine opening the door to a party of these adorable aliens?

Kids Alien Costume

Of course a Halloween collection would not be the same without some sort of ghost costume. Whilst pretty easy to make yourself, if you are looking for something last minute you may not even have the time to put a ghost costume together.  That’s where this spooky ghost costume will fit the bill nicely.

Kids Ghost Costume
For the girls that would like a spooky Halloween costume mixed with some glam, I think she would be pleased with this girl’s pink skeleton costume.  It’s pretty funky and she can get to mix her Halloween dress up whilst still being pretty in pink!

Girls Skeleton

Quite the opposite of pretty in pink is this kids skeleton zombie costume.  Probably not ideal for the younger kids as it does look pretty freaky, but I think the older kids could have a lot of fun with this one.

Kids Zombie Skeleton Costume


Of course we can not let the kids have all the fun.  If you are attending a Halloween party or accompanying the kids on their trick or treating, then you will need a costume too!  Don’t fret as these last minute ideas will help.

A witch dressed all in black is perfect for Halloween.  What do you think of this women’s Disney maleficent movie maleficent christening black gown.  I think it would definitely grab people’s attention.

Women's Disney Maleficent Movie Maleficent Christening Black Gown

This next Witch Costume has a bit more pop of colour if you are not a fan of complete black.  It’s your typical ‘witch look’, so I don’t think you can go too far wrong with this one.

Witch Costume

There has to be something for the men, so how about this men’s Vampire costume.  Pretty awesome right?!

Men's Vampire CostumeNot wanting to show your face?  Then a skeleton costume will suit you to a tee and lucky for you, I have found one for you right here!

Skeleton Costume

As I was looking through all the costumes, I had to include this marshmallow man costume.  I think this would be perfect as a costume to accompany the trick or treaters.  It may even encourage more treats to be given out.

Marshmallow Man

And finally for the collection is this Frankenstein costume.  If you had your infant dressed in the smaller costume this could be a matching pair.  You would of course be outdone in the cuteness department though.

Adults Frankenstein Costume


So what do you think of this collection of last minute Halloween costumes?  Do you have a favourite?  What would you be more likely to wear?

I’d love to hear your Halloween party and trick or treat plans, so please share them below.

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