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Are you looking to plan the perfect party for a friend or loved one? Here at Smart Party Planning we believe that nothing beats having a party checklist to guide you through the process.  Whether you are looking to entertain 30 excitable toddlers or organise the perfect farewell for a loved one, we have everything you  need to plan, organise and successfully pull of a party that will be talked about for years to come. Feel free to browse our {Read More}

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my wonderful fans here at Smart Party Planning.  I hope that you have a wonderful time with your friends and family and take some time out to relax! Did the Easter bunny visit you?  I hope he brought you lots of chocolate eggs to munch on throughout the weekend.  A chocoholic like myself loves Easter.  It’s the one time of the year there is no shortage of chocolate in the house! If you are looking for {Read More}

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Easter wouldn’t be the same without the Easter bunny, and these bunny cupcakes are super cute. It doesn’t matter how creative (or not) you are, it will be incredibly easy for you to recreate these cupcakes.  If you would like to spend some time in the kitchen with the kids, they will have an absolute ball.  These bunny cupcakes are the perfect treat to make this Easter. How To Make Easter Bunny Cupcakes Simply make your cupcakes with your own cupcake {Read More}

FREE Easter Bunny Letter

Easter Bunny Letter

Can you imagine your little ones excitement if they were to receive an Easter bunny letter?!  Why not add just a little mystical magic into your Easter this year and print off one of these FREE letters personally written by the Easter bunny! A letter is surely proof that the Easter bunny exists, and would cause great excitement within the home! There are two versions available for download.  One has a religious slant and the other doesn’t.  You can choose {Read More}

7 Easter Dessert Recipes

Easter Dessert Recipes

If you have been following me for a while, you know what a sweet tooth I have.  So it will probably come as no surprise that for today’s roundup post we are going to be looking at some delicious Easter dessert recipes.  I am of course a chocoholic, so Easter is a wonderful time of year for me.  Added to the normal chocolate eating that is undertaken at Easter, I have found a great selection of Easter dessert recipes that {Read More}

Delicious Pumpkin Hummus Recipe

Pumpkin hummus dip

This pumpkin hummus recipe is incredibly refreshing and is perfect as a simple appetizer. Alternatively if you are looking for a lovely afternoon snack with a glass of wine, this dip will hit the spot!  It is easy to make, takes no time at all and is soooo delicious.  We found the recipe via I Quit Sugar and we really had to try it out! To accompany the dip, we made some wholemeal wrap chips and made them into cute {Read More}

Easter Wine Bottle Labels

Easter Wine Bottle Labels

Can you believe that it’s Easter next weekend?  It seems like we were only just talking about Christmas!  Well, around Easter time we see lots of chocolate, and I mean LOTS of chocolate.  This is great for chocoholics (like me), but what about everyone else?  There are people out there that actually don’t like chocolate (strange but true) and of course those poor souls that are allergic.  Can you imagine!! These printable Easter wine bottle labels are the saving grace if {Read More}

Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter Crafts For Kids

Today’s round up is focusing on those cute Easter crafts for kids.  Kids love creating things and you will be able to have a lot of fun with this selection of easy to recreate crafts.  Check out each blog in turn for the full tutorial. Let’s start the week by taking a peer at this totally adorable bunny garland by Charlotte’s Fancy.  These cheeky bunnies would liven up the Easter decoration and the kids would have a whole heap of {Read More}

Healthy Chocolate Coconut Balls

Chocolate Coconut Balls

These chocolate coconut balls are another healthy recipe to add to the list of “must make”.  My husband and I have been trying to find healthy recipes but also cater to our sweet tooth.  This recipe from Isagenix is another absolute winner.  These chocolate balls not only look amazing, but they taste delicious, and definitely curb any sweet cravings. I’m sure you are wondering how on earth this title fits in with this picture.  Healthy and chocolate together?  You must {Read More}

FREE Easter Gift Tags

Free Easter Gift Tags

Today you have the chance to download some FREE Easter gift tags.  Easter is fast approaching us, so it was about time we did some Easter crafting!  I like to give you a free printable each month, but March has been quite crazy for me, so please forgive these being one day late!!  So whilst it is April 1st, we will pretend just for today, that it’s still March!  I hope you enjoy this month’s free gift tags. These Easter {Read More}

Easter Bunny Cake Ideas

Easter Bunny Cake Ideas

This selection of Easter Bunny cake ideas will provide you with lots of bunny inspiration for your Easter celebrations.  We all love the Easter bunny and it certainly makes a gorgeous cake.  Today I have gathered five cute Easter bunny cakes for you. This bunny cake by Jenny Steffens looks absolutely gorgeous.  I love it’s simplicity, yet it looks absolutely divine.  This cake is literally just bare bunny and is perfect to serve at Easter. This Easter bunny cake by the Cake {Read More}

Easter Water Bottle Labels

Eater Water Bottle Labels

These adorable Easter water bottle labels are great for the kids.  If you are having an Easter party, they will certainly add a splash of colour.  The kids would look super cute sipping on these bottles, don’t you agree?!  Whilst the adults are drinking from their beer bottles with custom Easter printables, the kids can have their own custom water bottles! The designs are also great if you just want to give something fun to the kids.  They make a {Read More}

Healthy & Easy Banana Cake Recipe

Easy Banana Cake

This easy banana cake recipe is SO good on SOOOO many levels!  Not only can it literally be made in 10 minutes, and taste absolutely delicious, but it is incredibly healthy for you.  When I say healthy, I mean REALLY REALLY healthy!!!  Cake and healthy are not normally two words that go together, but trust me, they do now! Doesn’t this banana cake look amazing?!  This cake does not contain any rising agent, hence it does not look like your {Read More}